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Manchester-based business D55, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) consultancy partner, is looking to recruit circa 20 new IT specialists to work on complex cloud native IT projects within the energy and sustainability industry. The new recruits can be based anywhere in the UK, thanks to D55’s progressive approach to helping employees achieve a favourable work-life balance. The flexible remote-working policy will grant them the choice to either work from home or report into the Manchester head office.

Tech talent acquisition innovator, Reedmace Solutions is working with D55 to attract and hire the specialists, and rapidly scale-up the organisation.

The new teams will work across a variety of projects, including developing new software products and getting them ready for market, helping companies move existing IT applications to the cloud, and providing hands-on support to project teams that lack manpower or development expertise in AWS. The company is looking for highly skilled IT professionals ranging from Business analysts, developers, testers and quality assurance. D55 is using Reedmace Solutions innovative approach which empowers tech startups to do their own Talent Acquisition and in-house recruitment, rather than relying upon traditional recruitment agencies, which can be extremely costly and less suited to rapid scaling.

Jonathan Rothwell, co-owner of D55, commented: “We are really pleased to be working with Reedmace Solutions in a bid to get the right talent to help drive our business forward. We chose to work with an equally, ambitious facilitator who understands our unique requirements in terms of technical skills, cultural fit, and our goal to grow our own teams.”

“We deliver products that solve industry problems, largely in the energy and sustainability sectors and as our business is growing with immense speed, we want to ensure we have the resources to continue to elevate our organisation.”

Rhys Jacob, co-owner of D55, added: “Having secured a significant amount of new business in a relatively short time, we need to expand our headcount rapidly. However, learning how to attract the right people to expand our team ourselves both now, and in the future is of huge importance to us and will save us time and money.”

Dan Corcoran, owner of Reedmace Solutions, commented: “I am extremely proud to be working with such a prolific startup at the cutting edge of cloud technology. In the past, startups such as D55, had few options when scaling rapidly and often resorted to using recruitment agencies, due to the absence of an in-house Talent Acquisition function.

“We are helping D55 by immediately supporting the Talent Acquisition and hiring process whilst giving them the ability to be as self-sufficient moving forward as possible.”

“Being able to hire the best talent on your own, is the secret behind successfully scaling tech startups. The company can harness this ability when they understand the difference between Talent Acquisition and recruitment which is only a small subset of the overall field.

D55 enlisted Reedmace Solutions to gain immediate Talent Acquisition competency and together we are now growing the headcount strategically, with minimum use of recruitment agencies who charge simply for the introduction of candidates.

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