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BlogDrover vehicle subscription launches in Manchester

Drover vehicle subscription launches in Manchester

Drover, the UK’s very first online Netflix style subscription service for cars, has launched in Manchester offering drivers in the area a new way to get a car.

Drover enables customers to pay a monthly online subscription for a vehicle that includes a car, insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance, road tax and discounted fuel costs at selected fuel partners. Recognising that consumers’ lifestyles are more agile than ever, Drover is offering a genuine alternative for those who may be reluctant to purchase a car outright or who don’t want to commit to a costly, long-term finance plan.

In addition, through its all-inclusive pricing, Drover aims to be completely transparent with customers about costs so they know exactly what they’re signing up for upfront and don’t get stung further down the line. Furthermore, the all-inclusive pricing, which starts at £300 per month, means that the stress and hassle of organising insurance, MOT checks and dealing with breakdowns are all ticked off in advance.

Felix Leuschner, Founder & CEO of Drover, said: “We know that an increasing amount of consumers don’t hold owning a car in the same regard that previous generations did, and many prefer a more flexible option that is suited to their ever-changing lifestyle. Despite this, the car purchase space has seen very little innovation in the past few decades and hasn’t moved accordingly.  As such, it’s clear to see there is a clear gap and that the current options for car ownership are dated.

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At the same time, the subscription market has seen a 100% growth rate every year for the last in the last five yearsbecause of its emphasis on personalisation and flexibility – companies like Netflix and Class Pass, for example, have seen huge success because they’ve recognised that ultimately, consumers want freedom.

We’re taking the same methodology and applying it to the automotive industry to show that a car doesn’t have to be a huge upfront investment or a stressful long-term commitment and to give consumers an alternative that’s suited for the 21st century. “

By signing up on the Drover website, consumers are able to subscribe to a monthly plan where they can select a vehicle and mileage package to suit them. A range of brands are available to choose from, and customers can either opt for a monthly rolling contract or can commit for a specific time period, which is debited from their bank account each month. Once subscribed, customers can arrange to use their vehicle to be delivered to them by their local car dealer, which typically takes 48 hours.

Initially launching in 2016 for Uber drivers, Drover has already seen rapid growth and success and decided to enter the consumer retail market in February 2018 through a phased launch in London. Since then, Drover has 2,000 active drivers on the platform and has handled over 20,000 bookings.

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