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CrimeCrimestoppers launches new North West campaign

Crimestoppers launches new North West campaign

With figures showing that serious violent crime is increasing, the charity Crimestoppers is reminding the public that by speaking up anonymously, we can all make a difference in a new campaign.

Over the past decade, there has been a 75% increase in knife crime and a 29% increase in gun related offences in England and Wales.

In 2023, Crimestoppers received almost 20,000 reports on firearms, knives and assault, harassment and violence.

Criminals use violence, exploitation and intimidation to control people and profit from the sale of drugs and other illegal activities. In this campaign, Crimestoppers is asking people to speak up and not remain silent when violent criminals are known to them.
Any piece of information passed to the charity 100% anonymously could help to prevent genuine harm and injury. Things to tell Crimestoppers include:

  • Who is supplying and selling guns
  • How and by who are these guns being transported
  • Where a weapon has been hidden or stored
  • Anyone in your area that carries a knife or gun
  • Those who have carried out recent shootings or stabbings
  • How weapons are disposed of after use
  • Whether you know about any planned violent attacks

Information given to Crimestoppers anonymously that made a difference:

Drug trafficker arrested, weapons and drugs seized
Crimestoppers information named an individual who was trafficking drugs and was in possession of knives and guns. The subsequent search by police at two named addresses uncovered a substantial quantity of crack cocaine and heroin at an estimated street value of £10,000, alongside £4,500 cash, together with weapons (sword and gun) and 150-200 rounds of home-made ammunition. Two individuals were arrested and charged.

Fatal knife attack suspects arrested
A young man was robbed at knifepoint and ultimately stabbed to death. Two men were arrested and charged with murder after key information was passed to Crimestoppers. The attack was targeted and planned.

Weapons seized
Crimestoppers received information about an individual who was in possession of a number of weapons. Police searched the property and found an imitation firearm and a Rambo knife as well as three knives in the suspect’s car.

Sex slavery stopped
Several addresses operating as illegal brothels for many years under the guise of massage shops were identified from information given to the charity. The workers were victims of modern slavery and human trafficking and were safeguarded during a police raid. Arrests were made and all the businesses were closed down.

Independent charity

Gary Murray, serious and organised crime lead at Crimestoppers, said: “We know it can be difficult and intimidating to speak up about crime, especially if it involves somebody close to you. Crimestoppers, which is independent of the police, exists to give you peace of mind that no-one will ever know that you contacted our charity.

“Your information can help to bring justice to victims of violent crime and can help to prevent future incidents from happening. We can take information in over 140 different languages 100% anonymously, either online or by phone. Only you will ever know that you contacted Crimestoppers.

“Every year we receive thousands of actionable pieces of information; this leads to a significant number of arrests, millions of pounds of drugs seized and weapons being taken off our streets. We would like to thank those who have previously contacted Crimestoppers.”

To report crime 100% anonymously, visit the charity’s website Crimestoppers-uk.org or Fearless.org for young people.

Editorial credit: Tony Dunn / Shutterstock.com


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