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NewsHere's The World's Strongest Nation 2023: The Giants Live World Tour Final...

Here’s The World’s Strongest Nation 2023: The Giants Live World Tour Final Without Cable

The Giants Live World Tour Final is an annual event that brings together some of the world’s strongest men to compete in a series of grueling strength and power challenges. This event serves as the culmination of the Giants Live World Tour, a series of strongman competitions held in various locations around the globe.

The stage is all set for the 2023 Giants Live World Tour Finals, scheduled for October 21, 2023, at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland. This grand event will be highlighted by the eagerly awaited 2023 World Log Lift Championships. The roster of confirmed athletes includes some formidable figures in the world of strongman competitions, such as the reigning 2023 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion, Mitchell Hooper, the two-time former WSM champion, Tom Stoltman, and the current world record holder for log lifting, Chieck “Iron Biby” Sanou.

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History of Giants Live World Tour Final

The Giants Live World Tour Final is the brainchild of Colin Bryce and Darren Sadler, two prominent figures in the world of strongman competitions. These events have been held annually since the mid-2000s and have gained increasing popularity over the years. The final event typically takes place in a major arena, drawing enthusiastic crowds and a global television audience.

The Athletes

What sets the Giants Live World Tour Final apart is the caliber of athletes it attracts. The competitors are some of the most renowned strongmen in the world, each known for their incredible feats of strength. Athletes like Hafthor Bjornsson, Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, and Zydrunas Savickas have all participated in past events, making it a true gathering of strongman legends.

The Competitions

The Giants Live World Tour Final features a diverse range of strength and power events that push the athletes to their limits. These events often include:

  1. The Deadlift: Athletes attempt to lift progressively heavier weights in this iconic strongman event.
  2. The Log Lift: Competitors hoist a massive log over their heads in a test of raw shoulder and upper body power.
  3. The Atlas Stones: Perhaps the most iconic strongman event, competitors lift and place enormous, spherical stones onto pedestals of increasing height.
  4. The Truck Pull: Athletes use their Herculean strength to pull a loaded truck across a set distance.
  5. The Frame Carry: Contestants lift and carry heavy frames or objects over a specific distance, testing both strength and grip.

2023 Giants Live World Tour Finals Roster

Tom Stoltman (Scotland)
Luke Stoltman (Scotland)
Mitchell Hooper (Canada) — Defending Champion
Luke Richardson (England)
Graham Hicks (England)
Eddie Williams (Australia)
Mathew Ragg (New Zealand)
Pavlo Kordiyaka (Ukraine)
Gavin Bilton (Wales)
Pa O’Dwyer (Ireland)
Evans Nana (Ghana)
Tyler Cotton (USA)
Chieck “Iron Biby” Sanou (Burkina Faso)

Global Recognition

The Giants Live World Tour Final has garnered international recognition and a dedicated fan base. The competition is broadcast worldwide, allowing fans from all corners of the globe to witness the incredible displays of strength and athleticism. It has also helped elevate the profiles of the strongmen who participate, making them celebrities in the world of strength sports.

Journey Through the Giants Live World Tour

Before delving into the World Tour Final, it’s essential to understand the journey that leads these colossal athletes to this moment. The Giants Live World Tour comprises several qualifying events held in different countries. Each of these events is a grueling test of strength, where the athletes must conquer challenging feats such as lifting enormous weights, dragging vehicles, and hoisting colossal stones. The winners of these qualifying events earn their ticket to the World Tour Final.

The Giants Live World Tour is more than just a series of competitions; it’s a platform for the strongman community to come together, share their passion, and push the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. Athletes from diverse backgrounds and cultures compete with respect and camaraderie, making it a true global celebration of strength.

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