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Sustainability5 Reasons your business should switch to paper bags

5 Reasons your business should switch to paper bags

Making a simple but effective change for your business 

Every business owner knows the importance of making meaningful change. But that change has to be practical, achievable, and measurable – and sometimes even the smallest of changes can have a considerable difference for the better. One such change you may not have thought about is making the switch from plastic to paper bags. Here are just five of the many reasons this could be a great idea for your business.

1. They’re better for the environment

Paper bags have an environmental benefit over plastic in that they are much more biodegradable. As more and more shoppers become aware of the impact businesses have on the environment, many are making this a core feature of their choice on who to spend their money with. Investing in paper bags gives you some key green credentials to help encourage more customer loyalty.

2. They can be easily customised 

Brand unity is a key element of winning market share, and one easy way to help establish that is by making sure your paper bags carry your branding. It may even be worth encouraging feedback from your employees about what they would like to see in terms of special editions or particular branding to celebrate certain milestones, events, or promotions that you may be running.

3. They’re affordable 

Many businesses made the transition to plastic because it was fashionable and because it was more affordable. Those days are gone now and you can get the benefits of plastic bags without having to worry about needing to invest more of your hard-earned capital. With a minor investment you can have paper bags delivered in bulk to your door, ready for your customers.

4. They’re more tactile 

A matter of perception perhaps, but for many the paper bag is a more pleasing item than a plastic bag. Plastic bags have become so ubiquitous that they’re considered somewhat tacky and unappealing. Paper bags however have a much more pleasing tactile experience and can be the perfect addition to your business if you’re hoping to cultivate higher quality customer experience.

5. They’re reusable 

One of the benefits of plastic bags has long been touted as the fact they are reusable – well, so are paper bags! A quality paper bag can be used multiple times over, each time minimising its already negligible environmental impact compared to a plastic bag. So, a paper bag is a practical decision as well as an environmentally conscious one for both business and customer alike.


These are just five of the many reasons why more and more businesses are making the transition back to paper bags. What’s old is new, as they say! Many shoppers are coming to realise that there has been no real benefit as a result of the shift to plastic. In fact, it has been detrimental, as the gases released during plastic decomposition are very harmful to the environment. Make your business part of the shift back towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and pleasingly tactile shopping experience by investing in paper bags from here on out.

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