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Homes & InteriorsFinding the kitchen layout that works for your house

Finding the kitchen layout that works for your house

Kitchen designs changed considerably through the years, and no single layout can be considered perfect. Luckily, personality-based formats are accepted and praised for their uniqueness, but introducing trendy or staple trends can make a kitchen like no other. 

Indeed, larger kitchens are now every family’s dream, as they ensure enough space for everyone to dine, cook and chill in the same room. Unfortunately, not all houses have massive rooms for kitchens, which is why you’ll find all kinds of advice on how to make smaller kitchens look spacious and expansive. 

Hence, finding the best layout in accordance with your apartment or house might be difficult. That’s why taking your time and sitting down with the room’s structure will help you figure out where everything goes properly. Here are a few ideas. 

How the U-shaped layout works in almost every room 

The U-shaped design allows you to combine the cooking areas with something more. For example, if you place the cooking unit in the middle of the construction, the sides left can be used as an open-plan living room or even as a doorway. You can play with kitchen corner units in any way because the middle will have the functionality for cooking.

This layout is also more fun to colour, considering that you can coordinate the units with the wall and create a harmonious look. Some of the best colour schemes for your kitchen include tones of green and gold for a simple yet sophisticated look, red and yellow for a livelier kitchen and grey and yellow for a quiet but fancy design. 

An L-shaped kitchen is a timeless and basic design 

The L-design is the most common you’ll see in kitchens because it takes advantage of walls and adequately creates enough space for people coming in and out of the room. This layout is perfect if you want to ease the workflow, for example, if you have a big family or are living with many people in a house. At the same time, if nothing else obstructs the corners of the room, you can place the L-shaped kitchen anywhere as it’s considerably flexible. 

However, the disadvantage of L-shaped kitchens is that you may not have too much space for storage since there are only two rows of cabinets in the upper and lower part of the layout. You have the option to install another row of cabinets to place apparatus and other devices you don’t use regularly, but this only works if your ceilings are high enough. 

How a peninsula is just better than a kitchen island 

Kitchen islands are great for enormous houses and buildings generally. Still, a kitchen peninsula is just better because it doesn’t interrupt the workflow of cooking and also allows people to dine in a similar space while not bothering the cook. 

Still, a peninsula incorporates elements similar to the kitchen island, such as installing lights over the countertops and having a seating area that allows people to communicate and share the space properly. What’s more interesting is that you can add different countertop materials to the design and make the kitchen look unique with less effort. Marble countertops with wooden materials look great together, for example. 

What to add to your kitchen: ergonomic storage 

Kitchen ergonomics isn’t a new thing, but it may be underrated due to its complexity. It includes aspects like the height of every product in your kitchen as well as a layout that allows you to move and sit in such a way that you don’t hurt your back, elbows and neck. 

Ergonomic storage is used to place the things we use most at a hand’s reach to minimise effort. So, if you’re cooking similar meals every day, make sure to put all the cutlery, devices and ingredients somewhere based on your height so you won’t have to bend over or raise your hands to reach for things every day. 

Therefore, when you’re making countertops and similar bodies for the kitchen, it would be best to test different heights to ensure you will cook with ease. 

Why banquette seating is the best option to a traditional one 

Banquette seating is trendy again, and it took us a while to realise how spacious this design is and how much it adds to the room’s uniqueness. A banquette works well almost anywhere in the kitchen, even if it takes up a lot of space. It can also be used as storage, so you can put anything that’s heavy, from cooking appliances to cleaning machines for your tiles. 

You’ll be surprised how many beautiful ways there are to introduce a banquette in your kitchen, from oversized ones that work great for bigger families or curved benches with cosy looks. Of course, you can go bright and bold if you want to, but the versatility of the banquette will amaze you. 

Create a socialisation hub 

Most of the time, we also use the kitchen to chit chat and spend some time together with our families and friends. So, if you’ve got enough space, why not make the kitchen into a hub for socialisation? You can install some storage for board games, books and other products of entertainment when you’re having a cup of tea after dinner. 

A U-shaped kitchen would be best in this case, but if you want to blend it with an entertainment area, it would be best to choose simple colours and designs. Otherwise, the kitchen will look too busy, even if you keep it clean and organised. Tones of grey, black and white are perfect for making the kitchen look balanced while it has different decorations and storage spaces. 

What’s the layout most suited for your house?

Looking for the layout that will make the most of the room is a challenge. While you may need a good architect for such a project, you can also find a good design for your space with enough time and research. However, you should be prepared with a certain budget for so many considerations. 

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