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BusinessManchester entrepreneur helps tackle the UK’s staff shortages

Manchester entrepreneur helps tackle the UK’s staff shortages

Industry experts have warned staff shortages are causing mayhem for businesses this summer but Manchester entrepreneur Rizwan Zeb is on a mission to help companies struggling to recruit.

Since launching Short Staff – which helps companies to overcome the challenges of recruiting employees from overseas – Rizwan has seen how much some businesses have been finding it tough.

With high levels of demand for his services, Short Staff is growing by about 30% each month.

Solutions for staff shortages

Rizwan has helped some employers who couldn’t see a way forward for their businesses. “I helped the owner of a 5,000 square foot restaurant that was on the verge of collapse to recruit the right people for their business,” he said.

He added that he was inspired to launch his company after waiting in A&E with his dad for hours and noticing that there weren’t enough members of staff. Then deciding not to book a holiday because he was afraid that he’d face long queues.

He said that seeing the impact of staff shortages in his day-to-day life got his brain whirring as he realised that there must be a way to make the recruitment process more straightforward for businesses.

Red tape

With Rizwan’s background working for a legal firm, he recognised that many business owners simply needed help with the red tape involved in recruiting overseas.

He launched his company, which helps businesses to meet the Home Office’s requirements when hiring staff overseas, and demand was high from the outset. However, Short Staff was given an added boost when Rizwan decided to use TikTok – a social media platform that many associate more with young social media influencers than with those working in what could be considered quite a conservative sector, to promote his business.

TikTok trend

Rizwan said: “I utilised TikTok to get information to struggling businesses on how they can recruit skilled staff from overseas, in light of changes in legislation.

“My content typically involves me speaking to the camera while sitting in my car. Though it took me a considerable amount of time to establish a strong following, I opted to prioritise quality followers over focusing on the numbers.

“Many businesses were initially sceptical when I started sharing this information on TikTok. However, as my content gained traction and credibility, more and more businesses began to take notice and express an interest in the recruitment process.

“I believe that my approach of providing clear and concise information, along with practical advice, helped to alleviate their concerns and build trust. It’s been gratifying to see how my efforts have made a positive impact on businesses struggling to find skilled workers, and I’m proud to have been able to contribute in some small way.”

Growing demand

Short Staff has proven particularly popular with bosses in construction, manufacturing, hospitality and the care sector, and Rizwan is anticipating that they’ll see a growing demand for their services over the coming months.

He concluded: “By providing practical support and guidance, we hope to help businesses overcome their recruitment challenges and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

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