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CasinosHas Manchester Proven There's A New Target Audience For Bingo?

Has Manchester Proven There’s A New Target Audience For Bingo?

Let’s be honest: when we hear the word “bingo”, we all know what we picture. A large room, full of people of the older generation, with a slightly over-the-top caller trying desperately to rhyme the number “55”.

But, in 2023, this vision couldn’t be any more wrong. Today, the excitement and buzz around bingo has been ramped up to about eleven – another number that’s tricky to rhyme! – and it’s become one of the go-to games to play on a night out or a night in.

In many ways, the second coming of bingo is down to a rise of modern social media marketing, which has allowed companies to market 90-Ball Bingo online to the exact people they want to attract, subsequently changing the intended demographic of bingo itself.

This has then allowed several companies to notice and riff off this change, creating a physical bingo experience which is unlike any other. One of the most successful of these companies can be found in Manchester.

The Bingo Scene In Manchester

One of the biggest revelations in the Manchester nightlife scene has been the rise of Bongo’s Bingo, which was launched back in 2015. This is a company that has reignited the nation’s love of bingo, turning it into a fresh game with a new kind of experience for players. In short, it turns bingo into the biggest party in town!

To do this, Bongo’s Bingo ensures that players are not only treated to a fast-flowing game of bingo, they’re also treated to multiple dance offs, insane prizes – some of the most interesting include a pool inflatable, bouncy hopper, and even a Henry Hoover – and a load of cheesy tunes that get the venue pumping.

The Social Aspect Of Bingo

In Manchester alone, there are dozens of bingo venue halls, but ones like Bongo’s Bingo offer something a little extra. The social aspect. In the past, players who turned up at a bingo venue would be treated to a game of bingo without a significant emphasis on social interaction.

In Manchester, however, there are multiple venue halls which offer a way for players to get to know each other, have fun, and, in a way, play the game of bingo in between all of this!

Once again, this may be down to the way online casinos are now promoting the game of bingo, with an emphasis on connecting different players through chat rooms that are integrated into the sites themselves, designed to create a more engaging experience.

For people in Manchester, bingo has become the hub of many local communities, allowing residents to meet, have fun, play the game, and win some special prizes.

How Far Could It Go?

Manchester has long been a hub for business and innovation, and at the moment, it is contributing to a UK bingo market that is worth more than £1 billion a year. To put that in perspective, this makes Britain’s bingo scene even more lucrative than Netflix and Spotify combined!

According to a recent study, as many as 5.6 million Brits play bingo in traditional bingo halls and online platforms every year, and as companies like Bongo’s Bingo continue to find and nail down their niche, this is only set to grow.

In Manchester, the last few years speak for themselves. People are looking for a different kind of experience, both when it comes to bingo and finding new ways to socialise, in venues that are offering something other than the traditional “night-out” experience.

There is no telling how far the market could really go, however, especially when it comes to the rise of online gaming. As already mentioned, Manchester is one of the top cities for the 2023 bingo experience, but as the mobile gaming industry grows – while also offering that social aspect – more and more players are having fun online. That being said, it feels like Manchester will continue to thrive as a bingo-loving city for a while longer!


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