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HealthAbingdon Health Launches Groundbreaking Saliva Pregnancy Test in the UK

Abingdon Health Launches Groundbreaking Saliva Pregnancy Test in the UK

Abingdon Health is proud to introduce the Salistick TM saliva pregnancy test, the world’s first of its kind, now available in the UK and Ireland through its distributor, Abingdon Simply Test. This revolutionary technology marks a significant advancement in pregnancy testing, offering women a more convenient and hygienic experience.

The Salistick TM test utilises patented technology to detect the pregnancy hormone hCG in saliva. Shortly after implantation of a fertilised egg, the female body begins producing hCG, and a portion of this hormone can be found in saliva. With the Salistick TM saliva pregnancy test, women can now detect hCG in their saliva, transforming saliva into a reliable body-fluid sample for lateral flow immunoassays.

This groundbreaking test provides women with the flexibility to test at their preferred time and location, allowing them to share this special moment with their partners and loved ones. No longer confined to the bathroom, women can now experience this important milestone together.

Salignostics Limited, an innovative Israeli company that harnesses the power of saliva for rapid diagnostics, has partnered with Abingdon Health PLC to bring this advanced testing solution to the market. The Salistick TM Saliva Pregnancy Test will be available online at Abingdon Simply Test and Superdrug.com, as well as in 400 Superdrug stores.

Guy Krief, PhD, Deputy CEO and Chief Business Development Officer at Salignostics Ltd, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “The availability of Salistick TM kits within the Superdrug network marks a significant milestone in the market expansion of Salignostics across the UK and Ireland. The advent of Salistick TM represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of pregnancy home-testing, reaching millions of women.”

The launch of the Salistick TM saliva pregnancy test is a major achievement for Abingdon Health PLC, based in York. This UK company continues to expand its portfolio of innovative testing options available both in stores nationwide and online through abingdonsimplytest.com. By prioritising user experiences and delivering high-quality products, Abingdon Health PLC remains a leader in the industry.

Chris Yates, CEO at Abingdon Health PLC, expressed his delight about the launch, stating, “We are delighted to announce the launch of Salistick TM and the roll-out of the product across 400 Superdrug stores and online at Superdrug.com. This novel technology provides women with an enhanced user experience, allowing them to test anywhere, anytime, and share the testing experience with their partners and loved ones.”

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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