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HealthWorkplace Wellbeing Charter Revamped to Align with Modern Work Practices

Workplace Wellbeing Charter Revamped to Align with Modern Work Practices

Health@Work has unveiled a redesigned Workplace Wellbeing Charter to cater to the evolving needs of the modern workplace. Developed in collaboration with Public Health England and introduced nationwide in 2014, the Charter has been instrumental in assisting organizations, both large and small, across the UK in showcasing their commitment to employee wellbeing for nearly a decade.

In light of significant changes in wellbeing research, guidance, and employee expectations, Health@Work, a division of the Medicash Health & Wellbeing Group, has incorporated the latest advancements into the Charter. This marks the most substantial update to the accreditation since its inception.

As stress and burnout continue to be major concerns for HR professionals, recent surveys have revealed that employees place increased importance on work-life balance, progressive company cultures, and mental health support. The updated Workplace Wellbeing Charter reflects these shifting attitudes towards work, introducing two new standards: ‘Inclusion & Culture’ and ‘Environment & Sustainability’. These additions provide companies with updated benchmarks to assess their approach across the eight Charter standards.

Sue Weir, Chief Executive of Medicash and Health@Work, emphasised the need for employers to adapt to the changing work environment in order to attract and retain talented personnel. The comprehensive revision of the Charter for 2023 aims to equip clients with the latest research, guidance, and best practices to consistently prioritize the health and wellbeing of their employees.

The new Charter standards are designed to support employers in enhancing their company image and culture for the benefit of their workforce. The ‘Inclusion & Culture’ standard helps organizations identify opportunities to improve psychological safety and leverage their diverse workforce, while the ‘Environment & Sustainability’ standard encourages the creation of safer, greener, and healthier workplaces.

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is a nationally recognized accreditation that validates and certifies an organization’s commitment to promoting employee wellbeing. It has become an invaluable tool in the retention and recruitment strategies of many employers. For instance, Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust recently achieved Charter accreditation, which transformed their approach to wellbeing and provided a benchmark for continuous improvement.

Lindsey Wharrie, Health & Wellbeing Lead at Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, expressed the positive impact of the Charter accreditation, stating that it helped them navigate new directions in their wellbeing approach and allowed for continuous improvement based on recommendations from consultants. Wharrie also highlighted the relevance of the updated Charter standards to their diverse workforce and looked forward to benchmarking their efforts to support employees using the new standards.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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