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BlogTech Companies to have experienced growth out of a Manchester base

Tech Companies to have experienced growth out of a Manchester base

Manchester is one of the UK’s biggest hubs for startups, especially those that are in the technology industry. The city is not as expensive as London can be in terms of costs, which are crucial for a new firm, while it still provides companies with access to a number of things that the capital can.

Businesses are able to access a talented pool of candidates as the population of the city continues to grow. At the same time, the cost of living in the south of the UK has forced many to head further north in order to seek a better way of life. Naturally, this has provided companies with an opportunity to take advantage as they look to make their mark on the industries that they are involved in, like the technology sector.

So, which companies have made Manchester their home and the base of their operations?

Sharp Gaming

Part of the Betfred brand, Sharp Gaming is a relatively new company to the industry of iGaming. However, they continue to look to do as much as they can to distort the industry and make it better in a variety of different ways. They have been in existence since 2017, but they joined the Betfred group in 2021.

The company continues to work to ensure the best experiences are had by managing and optimizing websites that are used by players. Using their technology and the expertise that they have, their influence on the industry can be found anywhere. If you are looking for non-Gamstop options, it is likely you can find them here utilizing their expertise on the sites listed, as they have a reputation for providing quality solutions that can be passed on and felt across the gaming experience that is enjoyed by players.

Push Doctor

Established in 2013, Push Doctor is a tech company that works in partnership with the NHS in order to provide patients with the opportunity to engage in video consultations with their doctors and surgeons. Additionally, it enables a level of convenience and safety as the app can be used wherever and whenever needed.

Push Doctor has been recognized for its efforts in the healthcare and technology space with its innovative app, with millions of people having used it already. As a result, it was one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Manchester and continues to experience growth today.


Payment systems have always been an influential market within the technology industry as consumers are always looking for new ways in which they are able to make seamless transactions in a secure manner. Manchester happens to be the home of AccessPay, a platform that aims to continue to offer security with each transaction that is made.

One of their USPs is that they offer solutions for businesses that encounter issues with automated payment transactions while also securing the data that can be sent between those transfers. The company has been in operation since 2012. With a number of global banks connected, it continues to be a widely-used platform that has found Manchester being incredibly useful as its base. 

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