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Homes & InteriorsPanda London leads the sleep industry towards a greener future

Panda London leads the sleep industry towards a greener future

Founded in 2015, Panda London had a clear mission to wake up the global sleep industry, they just didn’t quite know how they would do it. Determined to provide exceptional products that would transform the sleep of their consumers, they were not happy to do so at the cost of the earth. This led them around the world to find a resource that would allow them to combine the power of science with nature’s magic. When they discovered bamboo deep in the forests of South East Asia- they knew they had found it.

Since then, Panda London has released a constant stream of bedtime hits from their award-winning Bamboo Memory Foam Topper, Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow, Cloud Duvet and super-soft, timeless 100% Bamboo Bedding.

Bamboo provides the comfort of the finest 1200 thread-count Egyptian cotton, feeling silky smooth on the skin whilst being hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermoregulating. The thermoregulation element has been key to being able to provide products that are suitable all year round.

Bamboo will keep you snug and cosy in the winter yet prevent overheating for the freshest summer nights. The fabric intuitively reacts to body temperature, optimising your comfort whether you are a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ sleeper. This helps reduce the alarming rate of disposable sleep products that go to waste yearly. Panda is empowering consumers with top-quality products they can rely on to last. Their sleep essentials are highly praised, from the likes of T3 to London’s leading sleep coach Max Kirsten, and come with extensive guarantees of their exceptional comfort, support and durability.

“Bamboo is unparalleled in terms of comfort while being one of the world’s most sustainable resources. We are proud and excited to be the pioneers of this incredible resource and share its benefits with the global sleep industry,” says Panda.  

Bamboo is indeed one of the world’s most sustainable resources. The wonder plant grows up to 4ft per day and relies on little more than sunshine and water. That’s a third less water than cotton! Panda sources their bamboo from approved forests, ensuring the well-being of their workers and natural habitats. Bamboo is amazingly versatile, transforming into beautifully breathable bedding without undergoing the heavy processing of other fabrics.

2022 was an exciting year for the innovative sleep brand, with the launch of their revolutionary  Hybrid Bamboo range. Their Hybrid Bamboo Pillow infuses bamboo charcoal into advanced 3rd generation memory foam  (CharcoCell Foam™), all wrapped in a plush bamboo cover (BambooCloud™).

Next up was their flagship product, the world’s most breathable Hybrid Bamboo Mattress. Six layers of sleep perfection. With bamboo-infused memory foam (BioCell Foam™) optimising airflow and breathability combined with orthopaedic grade support and seven zones of pocket springs, isolating movement and relieving pressure points. They conduct extensive research into finding the most sustainable materials to create their unique innovations. Their Cloud Duvet is 100% feather free, filled with bamboo and a NanoMicrofibre™ made from recycled bottles. Relying on renewable materials is the only way to keep up with our fast-paced consumer lifestyles. With minimum processing, Panda’s world-loved products meet the highest environmental standards. A carefully engineered blend of the latest technology and nature, with the planet at heart.

Regarding sustainability, it’s not only their materials that are a source of inspiration. The eco-friendly brand provides free UK delivery and will collect your old mattress, ensuring they do not join the over 7 million mattresses annually that end up in landfills.

“We go above and beyond to make our business as sustainable as possible. Our products are made to last, and our production process is eco-friendly from the forest to front door. We hope to inspire other brands to embrace their corporate responsibility and work with us to create a greener future”

Panda is certainly setting some ambitious green footsteps to follow. By providing durable products with sustainable materials, they are empowering consumers to support the environment without compromising on service or quality.

For all those looking to enjoy a good night’s sleep, they provide everything you need for perfect bedtimes that do not cost the earth. Another reason to sleep soundly, all year round.


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