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A highly innovative mock hospital, which cost £30K, has been opened this month by Aspect Viewing Facilities in Stockport and is the first of its kind in the UK.

The facility will enable research to take place, including the testing of medical devices such as inhalers, injection pens, catheter, and stoma products in an environment that replicates a number of clinical settings.

Aspect Viewing Facilities creates an immersive experience, recreating a medical facility right down to the finest detail. It consists of a full scale hospital room complete with hospital bed, saline drip, portable and functional medical sink and medical mannequin to mimic patient interaction. It can be set up to replicate an operating theatre, outpatient, hospital or other clinical setting for a highly realistic research environment.

Ultra-powerful cameras have been installed which can move throughout all fields of vision and zoom in on the tiniest detail for experts to review. One way viewing mirrors allow clients to comfortably watch the testing without impacting those taking part in the research.

Lydia Fuller, one of the owners of Aspect Viewing Facilities, commented: “We spotted a gap in the market for medical device research. Manufacturers want to test their products in the way that they are designed to be used but currently there is no medical setting within any other viewing facility in the UK. This allows medical professionals to test devices in as similar surroundings as they would be used to in real life giving our clients the highly accurate feedback which can be used to take their products to market sooner, leading to better patient care and treatments.”

Nick Bradley at Bergo recently said:

“In May 2022 I hired the Aspect Hospital Viewing Simulation Suite to run a usability study of a medical device in development for one of my clients.  A room was set up similar to an operating theatre for surgeons to simulate an implantation procedure using a medical mannequin.  High-quality cameras in the study room recorded close-up interaction of the procedure, which was also displayed on monitors being viewed by the client in an observers’ room. Overall, the Suite provides an ideal setting for simulating medical procedures for research, training and medical device evaluations.”

There is also an additional space within the facility which is set up as a GP surgery, complete with a GP consultation room which is also a fully immersive space, replicating the environment with an adjacent room which is set up as a GP surgery waiting room.

The setting could also be utilised for first aid training and other human factors studies where a clinical setting is required.

Aspect Viewing Facilities also has other research spaces which are set up for traditional market research such as focus groups and individual interviews for a range of any consumer research topics. Aspect is affiliated with Acumen Fieldwork, who manage and organise market research studies throughout the UK and beyond. Their services complement Aspect’s Healthcare Simulation Suite with their expertise in recruiting healthcare professionals and patients to take part in the research.

Aspect and Acumen run side-by-side as sister companies, sharing the same Founders and Directors. This close relationship enables us to work together behind the scenes to deliver the best research experience for our clients.  We take care of the small, yet important details, allowing clients to focus their attention on running the research and gathering the all important insight.

Aspect Viewing Facilities is aimed at market research agencies and medical device manufacturers directly. It is open now and more information can be found at https://www.aspectviewingfacilities.com/venue/stockport/the-healthcare-suite/

The facility will be also holding a Open Day on Friday 7th October between 10am and 4pm.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.

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