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Starting a home contractor business in 2022 – why now is the best time


Now the effects of the pandemic have been easing, life is getting back to some semblance of normality, and many of usBrits are taking the opportunity to renovate their homes. In 2021, SGS Engineering surveyed 2,000 UK homeowners on their plans for home renovations. The study revealed that 35%were planning a major home renovation that year.

The increased interest in home renovations explains why demand for construction workers has continued to soar,meaning there’s never been a better time to start a home contractor business. No matter whether you’ve been grafting away for years or you’ve recently gained your qualification, with the market the way it is now, it’s worth considering a jump to contracting.

Read on to find out why 2022 is the best time to launch a home contractor business and how to go about it.

How much money is there in the home contracting market?

SGS Engineering’s study found that those surveyed planned to spend an average of £15,461 on home improvements. With 2,000 UK homeowners participating in the survey, it’s clear there’s a significant amount of money to be made in the home contracting market.

How can you start your own home contracting business?

Obviously to start a home contracting business you’ll need to have a good level of experience in the field. Consider the services you’re planning to offer and how much knowledge and experience you have in those. If need be, you may want to consider doing some refresher training or a part-time course if there are any areas in which your skills are lacking.

Having the right tools will also be crucial to your success as a home contractor. Investing in a range of good quality Milwaukee tools will allow you to perform your work to a high standard for your clients. Ensure you store your tools securely to avoid tool theft, which is a currently a very common issue in the UK.

Getting clients

Finding your first few clients may be challenging, but once you’ve got past that hurdle marketing your business will become easier. Ask family, friends, and any business contacts you have to spread word of your company prior to opening your doors.

Ensure you take advantage of the digital marketing opportunities that are available, as this will help you increase your market reach and attract new clients. Get a professional website set up and create a social media page to showcase previous work.

Providing excellent service

Your clients will be putting their trust in you, allowing you to enter their home and complete work on it, so it’s essential to ensure you do a professional job and offer top quality service. Not only will this ensure your clients get what they deserve, but it will increase the chance of them hiring you in the future or recommending your company to others.

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