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Can Businesses Make a Professional Negligence Claim?

When it comes to seeking professional advice, businesses place every ounce of their trust into the capable hands of their solicitors. But what happens if they break this trust? 
In this article, we discuss what situations constitute professional negligence and exactly how you can make a professional medical negligence claim on behalf of your business if required. 
What is professional negligence? 

Simply put, professional negligence is when an industry professional fails to carry out their duties properly or to the expected standard required, leading to ongoing problems for those who were relying on their help in the first place. 
What could count as a claim? 

There are a number of reasonably common scenarios that could crop up that would make you liable to make a professional negligence claim. These are a few examples: 
– Badly drafted contracts or leases 
– Tax advice that leaves a company with a hefty bill to pay 
– Incorrect survey reports on properties 
– Poor advice from a trusted accountancy firm  
– Insurance policies that didn’t cover what was requested 
How to find out if you should make a claim 

The best way to figure out if you are entitled to make a claim against your solicitor, is by seeking legal advice from an expert who specialises in professional negligence. We understand that you may feel sceptical towards solicitors right now if your trust has recently been broken by an industry professional who has let you down, but remember that these legal experts have years upon years of experience in this exact field – professional negligence. Try to keep in mind that they have dealt with a hundred different cases similar to yours and, most importantly, they are here to help you get the justice you deserve.  

Setting Realistic Expectations  

In the instance that you find you do have a case to make a professional negligence claim against your previous solicitor, it’s important that you properly prepare yourself for what’s to come. You must ensure that you set realistic expectations as to how long it may take to resolve. The process could be long depending on how reluctant the defendant becomes to come to a conclusion. Try to stay as patient as possible throughout this time – the last thing you want after already suffering an ordeal, is to put yourself through further stress. Remember, you can contact your professional negligence legal time at any time, if you need further updates.  

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