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What do shoppers want from an eCommerce store?


eCommerce stores are essential for businesses wanting to develop a prominent online presence. With bricks and mortar stores restricted to their geographic location, companies rely on their eCommerce store to reach customers they otherwise might miss. 

However, having an eCommerce store alone isn’t necessarily enough to ensure your customers engage with your site in the way you want. 

To engage your customer, you need to think about their needs. Your site should be designed to ensure a smooth buying journey for your customer from start to finish. 

The question is, what do shoppers want from an eCommerce store and how can you best facilitate this to get the most from your business? 


Clear design and easy navigation are essential for keeping a customer engaged on your eCommerce site. You might want hundreds of category options but this will look messy and be overwhelming for your customer.

To enhance your customers’ shopping experience and streamline your online store’s operations, consider following an ecommerce management guide that emphasizes creating concise categories and placing your cart prominently on the screen to encourage seamless checkouts.

Migrating your current website to a more feature-rich platform such as Magento 2 will help to give your customer the most precise, user-friendly experience from start to finish.

Mobile friendly 

Mobile browsing accounts for a large number ofeCommerce sales. With such a high percentage of the population owning smartphones, it’s no surprise that it attracts eCommerce sales. 

That being said, if your eCommerce platform isn’t mobile-friendly – it can detract users from your site. You want to create a mobile-friendly site that keeps your user’s attention and entices them to buy. Subsequently, this increases your revenue and will boost your rankings on google – win, win. So, creating a mobile-friendly platform is advantageous for you and your customer. 


eCommerce personalisation will help you drive purchases and increase conversion optimisation. Apersonalised experience for your customer will also make them feel valued and therefore more likely to return to your site. Artificial intelligence gathers information on your customer profiles and can help to tailor the individual experience. 

If you have a special promotion running that you want to upsell to your customer, eCommerce personalisation can help you do so. Alternatively, if customer buying patterns suggest they might be interested in a certain product, you can recommend it through onsite personalisation. 

Free shipping and easy returns 

Offering your customers free shipping will set you apart from your competitors. Free shipping not only saves your customers money but also saves them valuable time. The ease and financial advantage of free shipping will draw your customers back. Thus, creating a higher chance of developing a loyal, long-standing customer relationship. 

Creating an easy returns policy can be attractive to your customer. An advantage of a bricks and mortar store is the ability to try before you buy. With eCommerce shopping, it’s sadly not so easy and can deter sales as returning items is a hassle. However, developing and promoting an easy returns policy will increase your chances of a customer buying your product.

Highlight your free shipping and easy returns policy across your website to ensure your customer knows the exact service you provide. 

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