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Thought LeadersQualities that make a good leader  

Qualities that make a good leader  


Great leaders possess certain skills that are essential when it comes to leadership. Team members want someone who can not only lead, but who they can trust with day-to-day activities. They also want someone who shows empathy and can understand the people who work for them.

It can sometimes be difficult for businesses to find the right leader, especially when faced with situations such as re-structuring. In instances like this, interim management solutions can help companies with their biggest challenges.

Here are some key qualities to look out for in a potential team leader.


The ability to communicate across a broad range of levels and to a variety of people is paramount to being a good leader. Successful leaders will need to communicate with colleagues at various departmental levels as well as with their own team.

Good leaders will also be able to relay information effectively and through the right channels. The ability to listen to others, particularly team members, is an important skill. The team will look to the leader to understand and represent them.


Team members value honesty in a leader. They want a leader they can trust and who they feel they can rely on.

Losing respect for a manager can result in less motivation and an unwillingness to cooperate, therefore gaining respect is of great importance.

Trusting a leader means team members are more likely to speak up about any issue before it begins to cause real problems. It also goes a long way in protecting the mental health of colleagues in the workplace.


The quality of being a good influencer is sometimes perceived as a negative trait. However, being able to convince others and explain information in a logical way is an essential skill of a leader.

Linked closely with honesty, leaders will have gained trust from their team members to enable them to be a successful influencer.


No team leader can expect to coach a team if they lack confidence themselves. Owning your sense of self and belief shows them you can be trusted.

It is very reassuring for a team to be led by someone who is confident in what they say and how they approach others.


Giving up at the first hurdle will not give a team much faith in their leader. Good leaders need to show resilience to be a good example.

When faced with new challenges, good leaders embrace new skills and knowledge and pass these on to team members. This teaches them to have faith and trust in themselves and their work.

Every successful leader will have different ways of approaching challenges. The important thing is that they use their key qualities in positive ways when coaching a team.


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