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EnergyEco Solutions Pioneer Marks Decade in Developing Energy Efficiency

Eco Solutions Pioneer Marks Decade in Developing Energy Efficiency

A green technology entrepreneur, inventor and pioneer of eco-solutions that help homeowners and housebuilders achieve energy efficiency, is celebrating a decade in business.

Simon Peat, CEO of Project Better Energy, a leading renewables energy and heating technology group of companies, supplies pioneering products designed to improve energy efficiency and help with the long-term goal of net-zero carbon emissions. Within his portfolio are solar panels, smart infrared heating panels, air-source hot water cylinders, power stores, and electric vehicle charging powered by smart technology and apps.

As the owner of the UK’s largest retailer of solar panels, Project Solar UK, he is marking his decade in business this month in an industry which hardly existed when he set up in 2011.

Simon began the business from a bedroom in his home near Burton-Upon-Trent in 2011 having trained as an electrician, spotting opportunities in the emerging green energy sector. He now has 50 colleagues based in Houldsworth Mill on Houldsworth Lane in Stockport, Greater Manchester, with additional installation teams working from home locations across the UK.

June 2021 marks a major milestone for Simon and his expert team who forecast that their 35,000th solar panel installation will take place this year. They completed over 100 solar panel installations in their first year of business in 2011 and since then, the interest in solar has grown rapidly and his national team of installers has a healthy sales pipeline for the remainder of this year.

They are responsible for over 18,000 installations across the UK and anticipate hitting the 35,000th later in 2021. Saving over 3750 tons of carbon each year, the solar power systems used derive clean, pure energy from the sun, helping combat greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce the collective dependence on fossil fuel such as coal and natural gas. The company forecasts that its customer base will save at least the same tonnage of carbon in the next decade as the level of interest in reducing carbon emissions rises in the UK.

Simon has broadened his interests to other green tech solutions including air-source hot water cylinders, smart infrared heating and electric vehicle charging points. He is providing tested solutions to housebuilders and home providers to meet their obligations on energy efficiency scoring and the deadline for the ban on boilers.

Simon says, “There has been a major shift in interest to green energy in the past decade and we are witnessing a surge in demand as people recognise the important role solar panels play in providing energy through natural sunlight.

People are actively seeking out options to run their domestic appliances without harming the environment. Solar panels, used alone or as part of a wider energy solution, are proving an attractive and cost-effective option that is being explored by an increasing number of householders.

Every day our expert team are chatting to customers about how solar works and how we do not need to always have direct sunlight to generate energy.

My years of working in such fast-growing sectors have led me to invest in related areas including electric vehicle charging points and infra-red home appliances – all fascinating businesses where we are already seeing major growth. The next decade looks to be shaping up as just as exciting as the first one.”

Project Solar UK will be marking its decade in business by continuing to support community sports teams and the EV Veloce racing team.

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