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bet365’s £500,000 Fantasy Premier League Game: How To Play For Free

Are you a Fantasy Premier League fanatic who loves a bit of competition? Look no further than bet365’s free to join and enter Premier League Fantasy game where you can be in with a chance to win big cash prizes, including £50,000 for the winner. bet365 boasts one of the best football betting apps in the UK and is one of the most recognised bookmakers worldwide.

Here is the low-down and our how-to guide of how you can get involved for the start of the new season.

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What is it and how do I get involved?

bet365 is running a contest with a guaranteed prize pool of £500,000 to rewards the best managers finishing in the top 10,000 players. A further £6500 will then be shared amongst each month’s best 1000 teams. All of this, for free. All you need to do is register a bet365 account. Entries are limited to one per customer and exclusive to bet365 users.

bet365 Fantasy Game

How to play?

If you are a seasoned veteran at playing Fantasy Premier League (FPL), you are already a pro at the rules and points scoring as there is very little difference. You have your 15-man squad with a £100m budget, where your captain scores double points. As well as the one free transfer per gameweek. You can make unlimited changes as normal up until gameweek 1 starts.

Also similar is the limit of three players per team in the PL can be included in your squad and each transfer will cost you four points.

bet365 500000

What are the differences?

There have been a few amendments made to the gameplay compared to if you were playing the usual FPL game:

  • Wildcards – the only chip, with one to use by gameweek 19 and the other from gameweek 20
  • Saving up free transfers – this is LIMITLESS, not capped at just the two
  • Gameweek deadlines – amend your team right up to kick off each gameweek
  • Price changes – these will not begin until week three

A major change is that there will be no bonus points. Instead, alternative routes to success have been added:

  • Completing a match – one point will now be awarded for midfielders and forwards completing a match
  • Goalkeepers that score – 8 points instead of 6
  • Save points – instead of every three stops, 0.5 will be added each time
  • Shots on target – forwards get 0.3, midfielders get 0.4, defenders 0.6 and goalkeepers 1.0 are also considered

bet365 cash prizes

Alongside is also impact points, +0.3 awarded if a player’s time on the field sees the team win. Alternatively, if they see a loss this would be -0.3.

Conceding a penalty will see you lose two points, as well as conceding a free kick.

See the following for a full breakdown of how points are scored on this year’s bet365 £500,000 Premier League fantasy game.

Action  Points scored Action  Points scored
60 mins played 1 Team “Wins” while player is on the pitch 0.3
Over 60 mins played 1 Shot on Goal (Forward or Midfielder) 0.4
Midfielder or forward plays a full match 1 Shot on Goal (Defender)  0.6
Goal scored (Goalkeeper) 8 Shot on Goal (GK) 1
Goal Scored (Defender) 6 Team “Loses” while player is on the pitch -0.3
Goal Scored (Midfielder) 5 Concede 2 Goals (Goalkeeper Or Defender)  -1
Goal Scored (Forward) 4 Own Goal Scored -2
Clean Sheet – GK and Def (60 Mins +) 4 Missed Penalty -2
Clean Sheet Midfielder (60 mins +) 1 Yellow Card -1
Assist or Fantasy Assist (All Positions) 3 Red Card -3
1 GK Save 0.5 Foul Resulting in Scored Free-Kick -2
Penalty Saved 5 Foul Resulting In A Penalty  -2

bet365 Fantasy Premier League Prize Money

As previously mentioned, entries are strictly limited to one per customer so there is no need to worry about duplicate teams entering the contest. With a total of £500,000 up for grabs, the bet365 Fantasy Premier League game is one of the most valuable free-to-enter fantasy contests there has ever been. Not only is bet365 one of the best betting sites in the business, they are also now a leader in fantasy sports. At the end of the season, the prize pot is divided amongst the top 10,000 players as follows:

  • 1st – £50,000
  • 2nd – £20,000
  • 3rd – £15,000
  • 4th – £10,000
  • 5th – £7,500
  • 6th-10th – £5,000
  • 11th-20th – £2,000
  • 21st-50th – £1,000
  • 51st-100th – £500
  • 101st-200th – £350
  • 201st-500th – £175
  • 501st-1000th – £100
  • 1001st-2000th – £50
  • 2001st-5000th – £20
  • 5001st-10,000th – £10
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