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BlogManchester votes THIS Christmas dinner item as its festive favourite

Manchester votes THIS Christmas dinner item as its festive favourite

Tasty turkey, pigs in blankets, sausagemeat, roasties, cranberry sauce, lashings of gravy and Yorkshire puddings (although that is debatable in some parts)… can only mean one thing.

Christmas dinner is a highly anticipated part of the holiday season, when families and friends gather to enjoy good food.

But which foods reign supreme and which dishes would we rather ditch?

A new survey, by The Gift Of Oil, quizzed Brits about their favourite parts of a Christmas dinner.

According to the results, one of the more modern Christmas dinner staples, pigs in blankets, is a firm favourite for three UK cities; Leeds (63%), Sheffield (79%) and Southampton (72%).

Cardiff (76%) and Edinburgh (52%) simply can’t imagine a Christmas dinner without gravy, placing the sauce above any actual food items.

Family favourites

Liverpool (73%) and Bristol (58%) both chose stuffing as their ultimate treat.

But a whopping six cities remained totally traditional, loving the star of the show, the golden turkey.

Birmingham (58%), Glasgow (48%), London (53%), Manchester (48%), Norwich (66%) and Nottingham(63%) all favoured the big bird as the best item on the menu.

But it was those in Belfast who favoured mash potatoes and Newcastle opted for Yorkshire puddings as their top menu choice.

Surprisingly, while taking up the majority of the plate, not a single vegetable made the top spot for any city.

Looking more specifically at the greens, the survey found each city’s favourite veg and Brussel sprouts landed the top spot for 10 cities in total! Other popular vegetables included carrots, parsnips and mashed potatoes.

Baked beans and peas

In addition to this, one in ten (10%) from Belfast like to have baked beans on their Christmas dinner and 13% of Liverpudlians would have mushy peas.

Phil Bianchi, founder of The Gift Of Oil, said: “Each region is known for its local delicacies and it’s interesting to see how this plays out with the traditional Christmas Dinner. Manchester chose turkey as the number one and it’s clear to see why! This festive favourite simply cannot be left off the menu.

“Our research also showed that GenZ are moving away from traditional dishes and looking for new ways to improve iconic Christmas dinners. We would recommend swapping duck fat roast potatoes for olive oil roasties, honey carrots for balsamic carrots and buttery mash for truffle mash!”

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