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Best Horse Racing Gift Ideas at Christmas

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that horse racing lover this Christmas, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of unbeatable gift ideas for you to pick up and claim the spot of best gifter this holiday season.

Horse Racing Syndicates – Racing Club

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This might not have been something you considered before, but why don’t you buy that racing fanatic in your life a share in a real racing horse? Contrary to popular belief, racehorse ownership doesn’t have to be bank-breaking if you buy through a horse racing syndicate.

A syndicate is when a group of people band together to pay for a racing horse collaboratively, keeping costs down but the benefits the same. If you gift someone a syndicate share, they’ll receive updates on their horse, discounts on events, opportunities to meet the horse and even an owner’s badge. And, of course, all owners get a share of any prize winnings.

If we’ve piqued your interest, consider buying your share with the Racing Club syndicate. Shares from racingclub.com start at just £45 and are all fixed-term purchases, meaning no hidden or recurring fees to lump on your recipient. It’s a reliable and friendly group dedicated to uniting horse racing fans, and it could set you up with the perfect gift this Christmas.  

Cheltenham Festival Tickets

Any racing lover worth their salt will be thrilled at the prospect of attending the Cheltenham Festival this coming spring. This is one of the biggest horse racing events in the world, with four days of exciting races that’ll keep you on your toes and give your recipient the experience of a lifetime.

Buying tickets this Christmas is a perfect idea as 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the Gold Cup, one of Cheltenham’s foremost races, and it promises to be an extraordinary event. And don’t worry, these tickets don’t cost an arm and a leg, with adult tickets starting at just £50 depending on which day you attend.

Stables Guided Tour

Another gift you might consider for a horse racing lover is a guided tour around a UK racing stable. In an experience like this, attendees get an inside look at how racing horses are cared for, their facilities, front-row seats to the training and even time with the horses themselves. Tours may also provide catering, and you’ll get to ask the trainers plenty of questions. 

For any racing enthusiast, this could be a gift worth its weight in gold. It won’t be a cheap gift, however, with pricing anywhere from £50 to £250, fluctuating with the type of tour, the length, potential catering and, of course, the stable’s prestige. 

Horse Related Gifts 

Even with the options we’ve already provided, what if you don’t have the money to splash on something like that? Like children buying for parents or if you’re on a tight budget. Well, your horse lover will appreciate anything you get that shows you’ve considered and paid attention to the things they love. Consider smaller items with horse themes like artwork, clothing, shaped chocolate or pins, or maybe even merchandise from their favourite racetracks or racing clubs. Even something homemade would go a long way if it shows that you care. 

For the person who loves horses, it can seem like getting them a good gift will leave you high and dry, but something small will be just as good as something elaborate. Think outside of the box this season and find something unique.
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