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BusinessNew Plates4Business Portal Launched by Plates4Less for Custom Number Plates

New Plates4Business Portal Launched by Plates4Less for Custom Number Plates

Plates4Less has responded to a significant rise in business-to-business interest by launching the Plates4Business Hub. This new online platform, created due to the heightened demand for custom number plates in the 2022-2023 period, provides informative guides, professional advice, and a special section where businesses can connect with an expert advisor. The primary motives for UK companies opting for custom plates include vehicle age concealment, fleet management enhancement, and marketing strategy improvement.

As a leading supplier of custom number plates in the UK, Plates4Less has introduced a Business Hub on their website. This new section is designed to assist business leaders in selecting and purchasing personalised number plates for their fleets, following a doubling in business client purchases.

Located at www.plates4less.co.uk/4business, the Business Hub offers tips on search and investment, ownership advice, and a form for business clients to request connection with a specialist.

Traditionally seen as luxury items by car enthusiasts, Private Number Plates, a division of VRM Swansea, are now being recognised as valuable assets for UK companies, offering investment, cost-saving, and marketing advantages.

Plates4Less experts have revealed a significant uptick in UK businesses investing in custom number plates. “Our business client base has expanded considerably in the past year,” said Antony Clark from Plates4Less. “Replacing plates on older fleet vehicles is an effective way to preserve a brand’s image, but the recent increase in business sales has been noteworthy.”

Clarifying why more businesses are opting for custom plates, Clark highlighted their benefits in enhancing vehicle branding, creating engaging online content, managing fleets effectively, offering a low-maintenance investment option, and disguising vehicle age.

VRM Swansea has provided outstanding service in the private number plate market since 1997. The introduction of the Plates4Business Hub represents a progressive step in meeting the specific needs of business clients, with further updates planned.

Antony added, “Client feedback is integral to our operations, and the Plates4 Business Hub is a testament to that. We plan to continually enhance this area with new features for our valued business customers.” Benefits for clients working with Plates4Less Business Solutions include specialised account management, free valuation for existing plates, and a quick, secure transfer process.

Plates4Less, despite its name, holds the record for the highest-priced private plate sale in the UK, exceeding £600,000 in 2022.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
With over 20 years of experience in the field SEO and digital marketing, Sam Allcock is a highly regarded entrepreneur. He is based in Cheshire but has an interest in all things going on in the North West and enjoys contributing local news to the site.
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