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Be Broadcast’s Mission Control Reveals Insights on Christmas Advert Success: John Lewis Leads, With Competition Close Behind

The festive season brings with it the highly anticipated Christmas adverts, and Be Broadcast’s Mission Control has delved into their impact and reach. John Lewis remains a frontrunner in capturing audience attention, but other brands like Waitrose are quickly gaining ground.

  • John Lewis continues to dominate the Christmas advert conversation, while Waitrose sees a significant surge in mentions, indicating its growing influence in the festive ad market.
  • Controversy surrounds M&S’s Christmas advert, with celebrities playing a pivotal role in elevating the profile of these seasonal campaigns.
  • Major broadcasters such as GB News and BBC have given extensive coverage to Christmas adverts, yet the brands featured have shown limited engagement with the media. · Brands like Asda, Waitrose, and Amazon are emerging as strong contenders, underscoring the importance of storytelling in holiday advertising campaigns.

Be Broadcast’s Mission Control, a state-of-the-art tool offering real-time broadcast news insights, has analysed 2,431 editorial mentions related to key brands and their Christmas adverts from 1st to 13th November 2023. The tool’s rapid analysis sheds light on the broadcast discussions and brand engagement during this competitive season.

John Lewis: A Consistent Favourite

While overall enthusiasm for the John Lewis advert may be waning slightly, the brand’s ability to captivate audiences remains undiminished. John Lewis achieved the highest mention count and largely positive sentiment in broadcast discussions.

The brand’s Christmas advert maintained a consistent presence in discussions, a feat that few competitors have matched, showcasing its enduring appeal.

However, not all feedback was glowing. Some presenters shared less favourable opinions, suggesting a mix of reactions to this year’s offering.

Luke Tracey, Director at Be Broadcast, observed, “John Lewis has mastered the art of creating Christmas magic, but it’s fascinating to see that even the most beloved brand isn’t immune to a few Grinches.”

M&S: Controversy and Response

M&S trailed just behind John Lewis in discussion frequency, fuelled by a contentious hat-themed advert that sparked debates over its resemblance to the Palestinian flag.

Coverage by BBC News and GB News highlighted M&S’s decision to withdraw the advert, igniting discussions nationwide. The controversy polarised opinions, with responses varying from satisfaction with M&S’s apology to continued criticism.

Celebrity Influence in Christmas Ads

Celebrities like Graham Norton, Hannah Waddingham, Michael Buble, and Kevin the Carrot have significantly boosted the appeal of Christmas adverts. Their involvement often eclipses the brands themselves in broadcast discussions.

Broadcasters Leading the Conversation

GB News, BBC One, ITV, and TalkTV have been at the forefront of discussing Christmas adverts, especially in light of the M&S controversy. This has been followed by regional outlets like BBC Solent and Heart Cambridge, among others.

A Missed Opportunity for Brands?

Interestingly, many brands have not fully engaged with the media during this crucial period, missing the chance to enhance sentiment and maximise advert impact. Presenters have often stepped in to fill this void with their perspectives.

Waitrose Gaining Momentum

Waitrose has made a notable impact in presenter discussions, often mentioned alongside other brands. Mission Control data indicates that Waitrose featured in nearly half of all discussions about competitors, signalling its rising prominence in the Christmas advert arena.

Festive Advertising: A Competitive Landscape

With numerous brands vying for attention, several have received only brief mentions. This competitive environment highlights the need for brands to actively engage and capitalise on their festive campaigns.

Beyond John Lewis: Emerging Winners

While John Lewis remains a staple of the festive season, brands like Asda, Waitrose, and Amazon are carving their niche, demonstrating the power of storytelling in holiday advertising.

Luke Tracey from Be Broadcast adds, “Christmas adverts are more than just marketing; they’re a part of our traditions. We’re seeing a shift in sentiment and engagement, but the magic of these adverts endures. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling in the most wonderful time of the year.”

For a detailed analysis and more insights, visit Be Broadcast’s website at https://bebroadcast.co.uk/.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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