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FinanceStrategic Acquisition: Fulmar Consulting Ltd Adds Tyler and Co to Its Portfolio

Strategic Acquisition: Fulmar Consulting Ltd Adds Tyler and Co to Its Portfolio

Tyler and Co, a renowned name in the field of art claims consulting, has been acquired by Fulmar Consulting Ltd, a leading claims consulting firm. This strategic move aims to transform Tyler and Co into a modern, forward-looking specialist in the art, antiquities, and specie markets, under the leadership of Sandy Taylor, CEO of Fulmar Consulting Ltd.

Key Highlights:

  • Expanding Beyond Tradition: The acquisition paves the way for Tyler and Co to expand its services beyond traditional art claims work, broadening its expertise in the art, antiquities, and specie sectors.
  • Immediate Relaunch: Tyler and Co will undergo a relaunch with immediate effect, with the strong support and backing of Fulmar Consulting Ltd.
  • Leveraging 40 Years of Claims Experience: With over four decades of claims experience, Tyler and Co is set to utilize its extensive knowledge and expertise to establish itself as a prominent player in the sector.
  • Aiming for Sector Leadership: The objective of this acquisition is to position Tyler and Co firmly at the pinnacle of the art, antiquities, and specie markets.

Acquisition Details:

On October 24, 2023, Fulmar Consulting Ltd acquired Tyler and Co, marking a significant development in the claims industry. Established in 1897, Tyler and Co have earned a reputation for their excellence in art claims consulting, consistently delivering top-tier services with a strong focus on client satisfaction. This strategic partnership will enable Tyler and Co to tap into Fulmar Consulting’s extensive global network, enhancing the quality of services they offer to their clients.

Sandy Taylor, CEO of Fulmar Consulting, expressed enthusiasm about this acquisition, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Tyler and Co into the Fulmar Consulting family. This move signifies a major milestone for our company, allowing us to diversify our service portfolio and provide our clients with a broader and more specialized range of services. Tyler and Co’s esteemed reputation and long-standing heritage speak for themselves, and we look forward to this new chapter in Fulmar’s growth.”

Mark Dalrymple, the former owner of Tyler and Co, shared his excitement about the acquisition, saying, “I am delighted for Fulmar to take the reins of Tyler and Co and am excited to continue working with them to push the brand forward. Our shared values and commitment to unparalleled service make this partnership a great fit for both us and our clients.”

Tyler and Co will continue to operate under its existing brand name, with Mark Dalrymple serving as a consultant in an ongoing relationship with the company.

For further information about Tyler and Co and Fulmar Consulting, please visit their respective websites at www.tylerand.co and www.fulmar.net.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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