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technologyDevelopment of the PIN-UP global ecosystem

Development of the PIN-UP global ecosystem

The PIN-UP ecosystem is an ecosystem of independent companies united by a common goal and participating in the life cycle of entertainment products.

Companies within the ecosystem actively apply innovative technologies and unconventional approaches to develop and scale their products and services.

PIN-UP Global, depending on its profile, is divided into different segments such as PIN-UP.TECH, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, PIN-UP.BUSINESS, PIN-UP.CRM, PIN-UP.CARE, PIN-UP.PLAY, PIN-UP.TEAM.

Each of these segments may include one or several companies interacting with each other.

Ecosystem segments

An ecosystem has an elaborate structure and management mechanism because it is divided into segments. Depending on the activities in the ecosystem, there are various segments. All of them work by interacting with each other.


A large-scale direction, which is focused on outsourcing and qualitative fulfilment of business processes. The main mission is to be the DNA of the ecosystem, to constantly evolve and lead by laying a solid foundation in the form of an adaptive, open, and constantly improving the structure.


The direction is engaged in the development, and improvement of software. The team uses innovative technologies in its work, which allow the whole ecosystem to hold leading positions.


The segment is responsible for cooperation with non-profit organisations, works on the principles of social responsibility, human, and consumer rights protection. This segment specialises in charity, economic and environmental support.


The direction provides paid-off quality traffic for services and products produced by the ecosystem.


Responsible for quality customer service and marketing activities. Any issues, problems, and difficulties with customers are resolved in a jiffy by segment experts.

Main tasks of the Pin-Up global ecosystem

The Pin Up global ecosystem develops new technologies, conducts research, and collaborates with other companies to maximise the results of its activities.

Seven segments, into which the system is divided, allow to quickly and qualitatively achieve great results. The values of the ecosystem’s work are considered to be:

  • Constantly moving forward and creating trends. The companies in the ecosystem offer the best solutions for both customers and employees thanks to the drive, engagement, courage to realise their ideas and propose changes.
  • Expertise in their field. The professionalism of ecosystem employees is based on continuous development, depth of understanding of the field, and competence in their functional area.
  • Synergy is an important component in interaction, which is built on trust. Achieving a common result through everyone’s contribution, mutual support, and the ability to negotiate.
  • Focus on the result – personal, corporate, and client. 
  • Openness in communication with customers and employees.

All these values are achieved in the ecosystem through the professional work of each individual segment and their employees.

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