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SportCelebrity Boxing Jones Jr vs Champ TV channel Full Fight Online Broadcast

Celebrity Boxing Jones Jr vs Champ TV channel Full Fight Online Broadcast

Boxing fans are in for a treat as former four-division champion Roy Jones Jr. (66-10, 47 KOs) returns for another exhibition bout against social media personality Robert Wilmote aka NDO Champ.


The fight will take place this Friday, June 30 at as part of the “Clash in the Metaverse” presented by Official Celebrity Boxing.

Roy Jones Jr. and NDO Champ will do battle in the Metaverse.

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Legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. faces off against popular bodybuilding personality NDO Champ in a Metaverse boxing match.

Both men battled it out in a state-of-the-art virtual boxing match, but this wasn’t just two virtual characters, fighting each other for the fans, viewing pleasure, quite the opposite. Both will actually trade blows while state-of-the-art technology captures proceedings, offering up an entirely new kind of experience.

A veteran of over 75 boxing matches, Roy Jones Jr. was once a pound-for-pound, the greatest boxer on the planet in his heyday. Tuning into a Roy Jones Jr. fight was like tuning into the greatest show on Earth. There were theatrics, skill, and some of the most unique and brutal knockouts you’ll ever see in boxing. During his boxing career, Jones battled in multiple different weight classes becoming a champion each and every time.

He thought all the way down from middleweight at 154 lbs up to heavyweight well into the 200s. With his move up to Heavyweight, Jones cemented his legacy as one of the most impressive combat sports athletes to ever step inside the ring.

On the other side of the squared circle, we have NDO Champ an IFBB pro bodybuilder with a tremendous following on social media. With well over 1 million followers on Instagram alone NDO champ, real name Robert Wilmote, has become known for his energetic and often humorous videos online.

The popular bodybuilding figure is now dipping his toes into the world of boxing as he faces off against a legend in Jones. While he may have the size advantage, he will surely have his hands full with an experienced boxer with over 75 fights to his credit.

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A Metaverse Battle For The Ages

Celebrity Boxing creator Damon Feldman is the man behind the bout. He promises a different kind of experience, but a legitimate fight. All the same. Both Roy Jones Jr. and NDO Champ will be trading actual blows during this virtual boxing match. Is an opportunity to see how far the technology can be pushed to deliver a different kind of fight experience to fans of the sport.

Roy Jones, Junior, and NDO Champ both had a great deal to say about their upcoming match. Jones believes he’ll most certainly win. The only thing he’s wondering is if it will be by decision or by knockout.

NDO Champ isn’t coming to lie down, however. He plans on giving Roy Jones Jr. the fight of his life.

How to Watch

Interested in watching the battle between Roy Jones Junior and NDO Champ? Then follow this link and order the pay-per-view belt for only $19.99. The fight begins at 9pm ET on Friday, June 30th, 2023.

NDO Champ’s Hardcore Training

There’s no denying that NDO Champ brings the word hardcore into his personality. That same energy is also put into his workouts.

Generation Iron had the opportunity to meet with NDO Champ and bodybuilder Akim Williams for an epic workout session at the official Generation Iron Personal Training Facility. You can check it out below:

If NDO Champ can bring this kind of hardcore energy into the metaverse – it will be interesting to see how the boxing match plays out.

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