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BlogThe car dealership guide to marketing analytics

The car dealership guide to marketing analytics

One of the ways to increase leads and sales in your car dealership is to implement data-driven marketing strategies.

The easiest and most effective way to achieve this is with expert marketing analytics tools.

Read on to learn what analytics tools are best for your dealership, and how they can boost your sales to new heights.

What marketing analytics tools does your dealership need?

Among the many marketing analytics tools you could incorporate into your dealership, we highly recommend choosing call tracking software.

This expert tool allows you to accurately monitor every aspect of your marketing performance, by tracking the specific campaigns and channels which drive your customer calls.

Calls are an undeniably crucial component in your dealership sales, which is why it’s essential you know where your calls are coming from, how they’re being produced, and in which areas of your marketing this is happening most.

Call tracking can assign dynamic phone numbers for visitor-level tracking on each customer. This means you’ll see every touchpoint a customer interacted with before, during, and after they called – even if they need their session on your website and returned later.

The software will also provide detailed reports and insights for both your online and offline campaigns, for a full overview of your marketing performance and customer engagement.

For more information on where you can obtain the best software, explore Mediahawk’s marketing analytics tools.

How can call tracking boost your dealership?

Using call tracking is perfect for boosting your dealership in a variety of ways, including:

  • Effective lead management

A vital aspect of your dealership is being able to manage your leads effectively, so you can optimise sales as well as your marketing reporting process.

Without the right software to track and log your leads, you can easily lose out on potential revenue from interested prospects, and have less direction when it comes to improving your conversions.

When using call tracking, any time you receive a phone enquiry from a valuable lead, the system will automatically log the call details.

This automated process means you have more reliable data when making your reports, so you can better understand where your leads are coming from, and start devising ways in which you can increase conversions.

Plus, if you need to follow up on any leads you missed, the details are easily accessible, and you won’t lose out on revenue.

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Another way call tracking can help your dealership is by increasing customer satisfaction and delivering peak customer experience.

Buying a car is as much about the car itself as it is the reliability and trust you have in the dealership.

With call tracking, you can ensure that no enquiries are missed, and even if you’re not present to respond to the call, the system will have all the data logged for you to immediately call back.

When customers aren’t left hanging, it makes them feel heard and valued by you and boldly reflects your professionalism.

This will, in turn, make them more likely to buy a car from you and contribute further to your growth.

  • Campaigns tailored to your customer base

Call tracking can also help you tailor your campaigns specifically to your customer base, with more targeted activities.

By attributing callers to your campaigns, you can see which marketing sources are more successful in the customer journey. As well as this, you can also see which keywords were searched to land visitors on your website.

This information can highlight customer preferences – e.g., are their searches centred around “prices” or “warranty”, and are the most engaging campaigns related to salespeople qualification.

Once you know this information, you can tailor your campaigns to reflect these very preferences, target your customer base more accurately, and boost your leads and sales.

Call tracking is the ultimate analytics tool for your dealership – so why not consider implementing your own software now?

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