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Exciting Creative Activities for Kids

Creativity with kids (2-3 years old)

The kid is interested in everything around them. Unquenchable curiosity and craving for experiments feed creativity like nothing else.

2 to 3 years is an excellent time to get acquainted with the embodiment of creativity: music, dance, acting, building with blocks, word creation, and writing.

Children will not sit still for a few minutes at such a young age. But even these moments of passionate, creative pursuits are critical.

Finally, there is a worthy use for all flyers and brochures – we will make them bright and original pictures

You need:

  • Non-toxic markers or wax crayons
  • Cardboard sheet
  • Advertisements thrown in your boxes (flyers, brochures, envelopes)
  • Non-toxic white glue (PVA glue; used only under parental supervision)
  • Safe children’s scissors
  • Create with your baby! Let everyone create their collage from scraps and scraps of colorful flyers and complement it with drawings made with felt-tip pens, pencils, or crayons.

Fun Games For Kids

Put the box in a large room or take them outside and offer the child how to play: build a turret out of the boxes on each “floor” on which the toys will “live” – let them sit in boxes. Or line up the package. Now let the kid play on his own. What house did he build? Who will he put there?

Fairy Tale Game

To compose an exciting story, a piece of paper is enough on which only one word is written!

You need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Basket

Think of ten words or themes that form the basis of the fairy tale’s plot, and write them on pieces of paper. You can also draw something on each sheet or stick a small photo or picture. Fold the leaves in half and throw them into the basket. You can share with them easy-to-follow guide on how to draw comic book characters, and they will learn how to draw the characters. It will be easy and enjoyable for them, as they can learn drawing skills and at the same time have fun. 

Fun Game For Preschoolers (3-5 years old)

Three, four, and five years old are great for various creative pursuits. At this time, role-playing games and acting skills come to the fore. Children love trying new materials. They like to play with the constructor. They also listen carefully when they are told funny stories and read children’s books. They are attracted to music and dancing.

There is so much you can do to develop your preschooler. Spend more time with him, listen to music, tell stories, put on puppet shows, draw and design. Over time, creativity becomes something familiar, and after many years your efforts pay off a hundredfold!

Dolls on a stick

Take a wooden stick, attach a drawing of your favorite character to it, and make a costume for him – the doll on a stick is ready

You need:

  • Markers or wax crayons
  • Cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • Fabric scraps
  • Woolen threads
  • colored paper
  • Glue with glitter
  • Safe children’s scissors
  • Insulating tape
  • Wooden stick (for example, from ice cream)

Sit next to each other and make your own doll. Draw some characters on the cardboard. Decorate the drawing with fabric, woolen threads, and colored paper. Use glitter glue to paint the details and add glitter!

When the drawing is ready, carefully cut it out along the contour. Attach a wooden stick to the back of the picture – you get a chrysalis on a stick. Then put a puppet show on the kitchen table (for example, you can act out your favorite children’s fairy tale).

After completing the exercise, children can make a scrapbook in real life with their drawings and pictures. They will need the same supplies to create their scrapbook and then keep the book as a childhood memory. 

Poster “My family.”

Children love making large colorful posters with letters and pictures. It is also dedicated to the family.

Poster “My family.”

Illustration from The Book of My Family

You need:

  • Large sheet of thick colored cardboard
  • Photos of families of families (or with other families)
  • Glue or tape
  • felt-tip pens

Let the child choose their favorite photos of relatives and friends, lay them out on a large sheet of cardboard, and stick them. You can come up with funny captions for pictures together. For older children, help write a name under the photo. Afterward, you can take pictures of their designs, collect them on your laptop, and design a photo book in minutes. You can share photo books with their parents or print and distribute them. 

Fairy tale basket

Ask your child to take a piece of paper out of the basket. Make up a short children’s story or story (2-3 minutes) using the word, picture, or story that comes up. The story can be funny and unpretentious, about events and actions that are understandable and familiar to kids from everyday life.

Accompany the story with facial expressions and gestures. Attract interest to the voice: make non-scary sounds, cover them in a whisper, and speak in a high voice or bass.

Final Words

Keep a positive attitude, remember that the main thing in any business is the pleasure of the process itself, and be ready to help correct small design flaws.

Let the kids enjoy the process and feel the boss of their games does not interrupt them during the game, and let them find the way of joy!

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