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How To Get Your Roof Ready Before A Solar Panel Installation


The entire world is going fast towards renewables. This is because the traditional or non-renewable source of electricity is fast depleting. Therefore, the developing and developed world is making an investment so far as renewables are concerned.

Solar is the fastest-growing alternative source ofroofing energy. According to a study, solar energy constitutes 40% of new electricity generation. The same study projects that the solar capacity will quadruple in the next ten to 10 years.

Are you planning to install solar panels this year? Then find a solar panel installer that can help you with your installation. Before the installation, you need to get your roof ready. Here are certain things to follow so that you prepare your roof for solar panel installation.

Facts And Stats On Solar Panels Installation

Solar energy is taking the entire world by storm. They have immense benefits. This is the reason millions of households in the USA and elsewhere install solar lights on their roofs. Before we dive into the discussion, let’s conduct a study on the use of solar photovoltaic cells. They provide you with a better understanding of the value of solar installations.

  • According to a report, around 92.5 million solar panels are in use throughout the world today.
  • The Average costs of solar systems range from $10000 to $30000.
  • According to 2021 stats, solar amounts to more than 36% of the new electricity generating capacity that is added to the energy alternative energy preparation. Now, this is quite a robust development that you have here.
  • The USA will use around 4.6 gigawatts of solar PV capacity in the second quarter of the year 2022 to reach 130.9 Gigawatts of energy. This energy is enough to power more than 23 million American homes.

These facts and stats tell about the serious intent of the United States in taking alternative energy to the people’s doorsteps. Therefore, it can be understood that there is serious intent in the country for solar energy.

Why Roofs For Your Solar lights?

Roofs are considered one of the best places where you install solar panels. There are different kinds of rooms- like flat ones and folded ones. Remember, the folded ones are mainly for the places that receive snowfall throughout the winter.

If the roof has slopes, it is probably the best place to install solar lights. This is because the sloped roofs have zero utility. Therefore, installing solar panels on your roof can save some space. Moreover, the sloping terrace receives maximum sunlight, and therefore it becomes a smart place where you install solar panels.

Preparing Your Roof Ready Before Installation Of Solar Panel

Are you mentally frustrated by the soaring electricity bills? Yes, the soaring electricity bills are a real problem. The depletion of natural resources is limited.

If you have decided to install solar panels, then you need to work on your roof. This provides a foundation for your roof installation. There are a few ways to get your roof ready for the installation of solar panels. Contact the experienced Roofing Contractors Manchester that help to make your roof ready before solar panel installed.

1. Inspect Your Roof And Attic

Keep in mind when you install solar panels on your rooftop, get the roof and the attic inspected. But don’t do it all alone. Call an expert, as they can tell you the exact condition of your rooftop.

Remember, your rooftop might have damps, cracks, and trouble spots. Installing solar panels on top of it will weaken your ceiling furthermore. The work of roof experts is to test the strength of your roof. They have different tests to check the life of your roof. After they completely check your roof and give you a green signal, you can start with your work.

2. Roof Replacement Is Better

As mentioned above, you must take the advice of the roofing expert before you go with the heavy installation. The roofing expert would tell you if your roof has enough strength to hold the weight of the load.

The roofing expert conducts different kinds of inspections. You may replace your roof with a new roof. You may carry out work before installing panels. Everything depends on the tests.

But, we recommend you get your roof replaced, especially if you have an old one. Remember, that the average age of the roof ranges from 25 to 30 years. Now the roof will have to carry the extra weight for so long!

3. Measuring The Roof

So call an expert to measure your roof. You need to understand that measuring the roof is important. You can buy solar panels. This is easy, and you can do it all by yourself.

Remember, when measuring the roof, multiply the length with the breath. This will provide you with the area of your roof. After you finish your roof, you multiply it by a hundred. This gives you the exact measurement of the solar installation. This is how you do it, as it requires no professional help.

4. Study The Slope Of The Roof

This is another technical aspect of getting your roof ready for solar installation. This is because this is an important aspect of the entire development. The slope or angle of your roof determines the angle of solar panel installation. It might be that the slope of your roof may not be in order, meaning it is not suitable to get maximum sunlight during the day.

The inclination or slope angle provides you with a study on the angle of solar light installation. Then, according to the advice or recommendation of the expert, you need to install your solar panels.

Bringing The Discussion To A Close

To bring the discussion to a close, it could be understood that solar power has quite a strong potential. It could also be pointed out that the government is trying its level best to create awareness. As a result, the ecosystem is stronger than ever.

But if you are determined to increase the cost of installing solar panels, you must develop an understanding of solar installations. So call an expert to go for a complete checkup of your roof.

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