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Thought LeadersFive tips for more cost-effective business travel

Five tips for more cost-effective business travel

Despite 44% of people who currently work from home wanting to carry on working from home, travelling for business is still essential for many businesses. Whether you’re travelling for a networking event or you have a meeting with a client, business travel can be expensive and if you’re an SME, these costs can add up.

It’s estimated that the average spend per domestic business trip is £237 and as inflation continues to rise, this figure is set to only increase. We’re here to share our top tips for more cost-effective business travel.

Book in advance

If you know the date you need to travel, then the earlier you start planning the cheaper your overall cost. If you need to travel by rail, then booking an Advance ticket for a specific service can mean you could make a saving of up to 90%. But you’ve got to be quick. There are a limited number of heavily discounted tickets available.

Similarly, if you’re having to fly for a business meeting booking your flight in advance could save you some serious money. Using travel compare sites can help you find the best deals, but remember to check regularly.

Be flexible with dates

If you don’t have a specific date for your business travel, being flexible can really pay off. Looking at travel and accommodation on a number of different dates will often mean you’re able to find the best deal.

If you’re travelling by public transport, you might find that booking two single tickets by different providers can sometimes be cheaper than booking a return with one. Take your time to shop around for the deals and choose the dates that end up being the cheapest.

Consider the type of accommodation

If your business trip is taking place in the capital there are no shortage of places to stay – suiting budgets of all sizes. If you’re staying for one night, then staying in a hotel and going for dinner might be the best for you. However, if you’re business trip is taking place over a few nights or longer, then serviced apartments in London are often more cost effectivethan hotels.

Silverdoor Serviced Apartment Savings Middle 266x300 1 Instead of spending hundreds on eating out, a serviced apartment allows you to enjoy your favourite dishes in the comport of your own suite, whilst still enjoying all the perks of a hotel stay.

Use courtesy transport

You might find that if you choose accommodation often used by professionals there’s courtesy transportation available. Whether it’s to and from the airport or train station, or even to and from your meetings, it’s worth enquiring to see what’s available. If you’re meeting with a client, you can ask them if there’s courtesy transport too.

All of these complimentary services should be used, as their often built into what you’re already paying for.

Sign up to reward schemes

If you travel regularly for business, consider signing up to reward schemes. From collecting points for travel, cashback for staying in certain hotels, and even free drinks at petrol stations. These small savings soon add up.


Maximise cost-effectiveness in business travel by utilising companies such as, minibus hire in St Helens, where the practice of car sharing not only streamlines transportation but also significantly reduces expenses for corporate journeys.

In conclusion

while the desire for remote work persists, business travel remains an indispensable component for numerous enterprises. The costs associated with these journeys can accumulate, impacting SMEs disproportionately. Our guide highlights strategies to make business travel more cost-effective, including booking in advance for substantial savings, maintaining flexibility with travel dates, and opting for budget-friendly accommodation like serviced apartments. Indeed, a reliable suitcase proves indispensable for any business trip, Max cases ensure that professionals can efficiently organize and transport their essentials while maintaining a polished and organized appearance throughout their journey.

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