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PartnershipsCubicWorks partners with IAQ Solutions to install indoor air quality tech for...

CubicWorks partners with IAQ Solutions to install indoor air quality tech for Manchester office workers

In preparation for the safe return to the office for workers, CubicWorks has partnered with IAQ Solutions to install indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring technology at Spinnaker Court in Manchester.

In April this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised Covid-19 as an airborne virus. In a statement, the health organisation confirms the virus can spread in poorly ventilated and/or crowded indoor settings, where people tend to spend longer periods of time.

IAQ Solutions Director, Adam Dearden said: “As people are beginning to return to work, employers have a focus on wellbeing and a responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment. The new system installed will enable CubicWorks to monitor their ventilation system closely to better the working environment for office workers, boost productivity and create peace of mind for both the employer and employees.”

The technology, provided and installed by IAQ Solutions, has a Virus Risk Indicator and Occupancy sensor whilst monitoring pollutants such as radon, CO2, TVOCs, temperature, humidity and pressure that can damage office workers health and affect performance, Innovative sensors paired with cloud technology, produce real time air quality monitoring that connects to a digital dashboard, allowing facility mangers to monitor the air quality throughout the day. There is the added ability to connect to other software such as Building Management Systems, with APIs and Webhooks, to control the building based on live IAQ data.

Andy McKee, Head of M&E Projects at CubicWorks, said: “The proposal from IAQ Solutions was to provide an insight into their systems capabilities by monitoring the air quality within our office over a four-week period. Our office is ventilated through opening windows and a small mechanical ventilation system to provide supplementary fresh air on the occasions we can’t open the windows. From the reports, it became apparent that our fresh air supply could be compromised under certain conditions and at times when occupation increased. Because of the findings of the reports, we have installed a new larger mechanical ventilation system and also added filtration to our air conditioning units.”

In conjunction with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, indoor air quality and radon monitoring helps ensure the optimum air conditions in a building. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) increases risk of influenza transmission and respiratory illness, reduces productivity and impairs cognitive function.

The installation of IAQ technology in offices, care homes and schools will help those returning or living in those spaces feel safer and have confidence in the air that they’re breathing. Wireless technology means that installation is simple – the latest indoor air quality monitors can be up and running in hours. And they use APIs, meaning that they can communicate wirelessly with other technologies.

Adam concludes: “Evidence suggests that employees are happier, more motivated and more productive when indoor air quality is better. The direct correlation with productivity shows the potential for our customers to improve revenue by optimising their indoor air quality. In addition, focusing on ventilation doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing energy efficiency. With smart implementation, it’s possible to run a system that operates only when it’s needed, keeping costs to a minimum and maximising the return on investment.”

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